Narendra Modi : The Chanakya of Bharat

Chanakya the Great, the renowned strategist, economist and advisor who is well known for its guidelines or neetis. He was the royal-advisor to the great emperor of Bharat Chandragupta maurya and his son Bindusara. It was due to Chanakya’s thought processing and execution, our bharat was at its peak during mauryan kingdom.


Time lapsed by and so our prosperity, ethics, values and ultimately our Identity. Corruption, sufferings, supressions, mis-governance, appeasement politics etc destroyed our nation systematically till 2014.

It was in year 2014 when Narendra Damodardas Modi became, The Prime Minister of India.

Narendra Modi, a self made man, once a RSS Pracharak in 1992 and now the pradhan sevak of bharat. Based upon my analysis over his political career from 1988 till date, I can say Mr Narendra Modi is adept in Chanakya neeti. You will find certain facts and figures supporting my statement.

Vishwanath Suvarna, 66, who worked with the Prime Minister-designate in Punjab for more than four years in the 1990s, says Modi’s politics is built on spirituality. “He does not believe in cheating to gain since he believes it is like cheating oneself. He is a fan of Swami Vivekananda,” says Vishwanath, who fondly addresses Modi as “Narender”.

Modi is a go-getter who wears his confidence on the sleeve. “He won’t rest till he gets what he has set his eyes on,” says Vishwanath, recalling an episode where Modi’s acumen came to the fore. A BJP member, Devender Gupta, contested the Chandigarh local bodies polls as an independent, leaving party members worried. A day before polling, Modi put up posters that declared Gupta had rejoined the BJP. Gupta lost.

“It was overnight kamaal. He is adept in Chanakya neeti and knows how to manage situations,” notes Vishwanath.

During his pracharak days in 1992, Modi burnt the midnight oil devising strategies to strengthen the RSS in Punjab. “The RSS was an unknown quantity in Punjab.

The Uri attack and the payback, all in a span of just 12 days, has proved Narendra Modi to be the ultimate modern-day version of Chanakya. That Uri was avenged even before the completion of the 13th day mourning ceremony of India’s 18 slain soldiers demonstrates a new resurgent India under the Prime Minister.

After an unexpected surgical strike to destroy Pakistan-backed terror launchpads on the other side of the LoC. Clearly, Pakistan was caught off guard as Modi showed himself busy with the usual and typical non-military response of India after the Uri attack.


The name and shame strategy worked well when India’s efforts at isolating Pakistan in the international community by getting external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to tear Pakistan apart with her aggressive speech at the UN and getting Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan to withdraw from the SAARC summit in Islamabad – accusing the country of spreading terrorism.

Modi’s Balochistan masterstroke on Independence Day and talk about the Pakhtoons too being unhappy with Pakistan shows a deep understanding of the complex Pakistan situation. True, the Taliban, whether it’s the main Taliban or the Tehreek-e-Taliban of Pakistan (TTP), has risen mainly from the Pakhtoons.

Recently Mr Modi said, “Money accumulated by unfair means can survive only till 10 years and by 11th year is it destroyed along with interest.” He was referring to the 10 years of Congress rule.

Whether it be at International forum or domestic, this man knows the mantra to vibrate the chord of individual. Well renowned orator and statesman, proves him to be the modern day Chanakya, whose politics is build upon spirituality and nation before self.



Source : ToI, DailyIO, Wiki

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