“Hume chahiye Azaadi, Bharat tere tudake honge … ” these slogans you might have heard few months back, devised by commies, supported by so called Intellectuals, liberals, psuedo-seculars and media houses.


More than half of the us criticized such events, 100s of panel discussion, 1000s of articles etc and later we forget as days passed by.

I am re-quoting lines of our NSA Mr Ajit Doval, who said “Bharat ko videshiyo se utna nuksaan nahi hua jitna usse apne logo se, Bharat ko bahari taakato ne nahi, apne hi logo ne haraya he”. While listening to him I felt the pain he was going through.

After giving a thought, I realised, even people like us fall into the same category. Because we like to discuss, criticise a lot like old grannies and next day, next topic. We are not serious enough to take up bold stand. Are we waiting for bhagat singh ji to lead our way?

These leeches are sucking our blood day and night and we are sitting like a lame duck. But remember our ignorance will be hefty for our own people.

They have got so much guts, that now they have started questioning stand of Indian Armed Forces. Few politicians, news traders, professors, students are trying to create an hypothetical environment of discomfort in this country. They are continuously challenging democracy and its organs. They are misleading people with false theories.

Now the question arises Being a common man What we should do? And How we can do?

1. Identify : Identify both people like you [Nationalist] and people like kanhaiya kumar. There are plenty who will be like you, they only need a Jamwant to make them realize there power.

2. Community : Termites like Kanhaiya kumar gains its Immunity from the community of anti-nationals. If they can have community so you can.

3. Expose : Expose them from smallest to largest possible platform.

4. Analyze and Boycott : Learn to connect the dots, analyze them, question them, boycott them from society. Shopkeepers should deny them food, clothes. People working them should refuse to work for him. No facilities, No protection for them. Boycott there supporters. Once you do this, they will be useless for there handlers.


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